Pyramyd Air Gun Mall

Wholesale Air Guns, BB guns and Pellet Guns

Pyramyd Air Guns sells air guns, BB guns, pellet guns, air rifles, and airsoft guns from Crosman, Gamo, Walther, Beeman, Webley & Scott, Air Arms, Beretta, Daisy, Colt, RWS and many others. (Note - you cannot sell BB guns or Pellet guns on eBay -but you can on Amazon. The only BB guns you can sell on eBay are the airsoft type plastic BBs and paintball markers.


Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise

Ready Print Wholesale Catalog 


A certified member of the ebay Developer's Program, Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise has been offering professional catalogs chock full of wholesale merchandise, all gorgeously designed to do the selling for you. Show catalogs to friends and neighbors and start generating orders from these wholesale item.

Topper Global Liquidators

Get Stuff at Wholesale 


Topper International Liquidators & Liquidations are the ideal source for surplus liquidators. They have a large selection of Designer Sunglasses, Designer Jewelry, Wholesale Electronics, Wholesale Vintage items and large assortment of Collectible lots. Topper Liquidators has a 20% Restocking Fee policy though.

Selling Public Domain Stuff Legally on Ebay

This is a short article on ebay website trading explaining how you can benefit from selling public domain stuff.

Did you know that you can legally "steal" someone else's work and sell it? You can re-package it any way you'd like and sell it - without needing ANY permission from anyone! You could burn it to CD, make an eBook, print it out and put a cover on it, record it as an MP3...the sky is the limit.

An example of selling public domain information can be found in my earlier post on Ebay Airbrushing How-to.

Selling public domain stuff legally is available for anyone. It means the copyright has expired and anyone can sell or give it away. In this case the product is old movies and film clips.

Anything before 1923 , published in the United States, is in the Public Domain, no question about it. That's a hard and fast rule. And it will say on the copyright, "Published 1923", or "Copyright 1923" or "1921" or whatever.

Now anything that is published from 1923 to 1963 may be in the public domain, if the copyright was not specifically renewed 27 years after the initial publication. You can use this site for tips on staying compliant and legal

The download source of these inventory are example of free online sites (like that anyone can use. There are several of them. Some are far better than others. The favorite sources of public domain stuff for ebay website trading are:

Combine Google with Twitter

COMBINE GOOGLE search with TWITTER - your searches immediately become ultra powerful. Google has a bunch of different ways to search a specific website.

For instance, let's say you were searching for a list of realtors on twitter. Here's what you would type into Google.intitle:"realtor"

Or let's say that you wanted to target all book authors on Twitter. You would just type like this intext:"bio * author" Up pops hundreds of book authors. I have a friend that markets a product to news reporters.

All he has to do to find a ton of news reporters on Twitter and type this into Google...intext:"bio * reporter" I hope you can see the possibilities with combing Google's search with twitter dot com.

Open Source Free Music

Musopen is an online music library of copyright open source free (public domain) music. It is a site that gives you access to music without the legal hassles so common today. There is a great deal of music that has expired copyrights and recordings of this music is in the public domain. Here's the website to obtain them for your ebay business

Simple eBay Business ideas

I’ve compiled a selection of those ideas I really do think have huge potential for new and experienced eBay sellers.

Give these ideas a try:
Target a different customer base from that featured in the idea. So, for example, the first idea you’ll listed below, about selling baby equipment and toys located at Mother and Toddler’s Groups, could be targeted instead at gardeners’ allotment groups (plants and garden ornaments), neighbours (unwanted household and personal goods), and so on.

Target a different eBay country site. ‘Free Stuff to Sell’, mentioned later, could involve collecting free guides and maps for places in the UK which have similar place names in the USA and would interest buyers on For starters try Washington, York, Norfolk, Birmingham, Dover, and many more. I keyed ‘places + with + same + names + in + uk + and + america’ into Google this morning and found hundreds of sites containing all the information you need to copy this idea.
So here we go with ideas for you to emulate (not copy):

CHILDREN’S CAST OFFS. Children grow quickly and discarded toys, clothing and hardware are sometimes in near perfect condition and worth up to fifty per cent their original value. Most parents are too tired, too busy, lack time and commitment to turn their discarded kiddieware into cash. But most will pay someone else to sell it for them. A one-off client is hard work, so look for a captive audience, and offer your service as consignment seller (trading assistant) to the largest Mother and Toddler groups you can find preferably close by. Most groups have a leader – official or unofficial – and this is the person to approach with offers to sell other members’ goods on eBay. Talk to the leader, make the offer, get that person to handle all communications with fellow members and also distribute money to members after the sale. This saves time and hassle for you and members are more likely to trust their leader with goods and money than an unknown agent. Have an agreement drawn up with the leader who must accept responsibility for collecting and holding all goods and all monies which absolves you from any wrongdoing that might ensue. With the exception of all but very small items it’s best to sell locally on eBay and have buyers pick up and pay for items while the group is in session. Either be there personally to claim the cash and pay the group leader once your commission is deducted or get the leader to hand over goods and take payment and you call every few days for your cut.

FACTORY OUTLETS: Most factory outlets deal in perfect and slightly imperfect goods and there are eBayers making thousands of sales every week of items picked up inexpensively at factory outlets. I personally know some who act as trading assistants for numerous factory outlets. Those people buy just one item to illustrate, describe and test resale potential and profits. From there most factory outlet managers are happy to put similar stock to one side for future sales. You’re spoiled for choice of products to sell from manufacturers of thousands of different product types, from clothing to tableware, cosmetics to socks, cutlery to most things you care to imagine. You must choose items with potential for unlimited sales via one standard listing template that does not require extensive changes between listings. Be careful picking goods and look for slight seconds as opposed to seriously flawed items. Faults vary and you’ll have difficulty using the same listing template for items ranging from slightly to seriously flawed. Look for near perfect items or perfect overstocks and you can use the same description for all similar items with specific add-ons like: ‘perfect overstock’, ‘cancelled order’, ‘button missing’, ‘light stain easily cleaned’, ‘broken zip’, ‘light chip on spout’, ‘cooking instructions missing’, etc.

FREE STUFF TO SELL: Just because it’s free doesn’t mean an item is worthless, especially on eBay, where really weird and commonplace free items can attract incredible prices. Newspapers and magazines published in one country and not available elsewhere is an obvious example, but FREE gifts given with publications are also potentially very profitable domestically and in overseas markets. Things that sell well include discount vouchers and money off tokens, bonus CDs and wallcharts and other items from newspapers and magazines, maps and travel guides from visitor centres and tourist attractions. Money Off vouchers sell particularly well on eBay, mainly cut from newspapers and magazines and product packaging. For example, just recently: £50 worth of coupons and vouchers for various foods and household cleaning items fetched £22, £48 Of Eukanuba (Pet Food) Money Off Coupons made £20, £20 worth of Pampers Nappies Money Off Vouchers went for £13.00.

Most of what I spotted on eBay were clipped from magazines and newspapers with the majority fetching around half their full discount value. That suggests you could even buy newspapers and magazines specifically for their vouchers, free gifts and other potentially resaleable items. A friend who did this, very effectively, was an avid competition enthusiast who gave up a full time job as a teacher to enter competitions that won her many thousands of pounds each year in cash and consumables. She bought newspapers and magazines for the entry forms and sold the discount vouchers to friends and neighbours to fund her hobby. Newspapers and magazines with free bonus gifts might also yield a profit from selling gifts and coupons on eBay but you’ll need to take a risk sometimes and buy multiple copies or risk newsagents’ stock selling out fast.